Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I'm not entertaining enough for my sister anymore. Oh well i guess.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010


TODAY I was with Mugsly, just walking through the slums of the city in my head! It doesn't have a name--see, what it is is a HUUUUUUUUUUUGEEEEE shanty town, or favela if you will. Whatever you'd like to call it, look it up! Old discolored shack-buildings made from scrap metals and scrap wood and scrap copper--all that jazz--in which those people with the black wings infest. Old wires and pipes line the outsides of the establishments, hanging from ceilings and rooftops... just hanging every-which way, the streets and alley ways etc. Old machines, robots, and cyborgs also dwell polluting the streets with steam while living among the "people" and the crime. Imagine... the streets are all up and down; there are some ways leading below the bustle to the underground where there are more buildings underneath buildings, more shops, more alleyways, more lights (think early 1920s or 30s kind of buzzing lights and such), more wires, more people, more cramped, and of course more robots. Bars and black markets are underground while further you head on down the darker, hazier, and I guess claustrophobic it becomes. The living is sparse until you reach a point where the area of investigation is just utter darkness. I mean... you can explore if you want to, but the darkness wont allow you to discover anything because you'll basically be torn apart without hopes of rescue. It is what everyone fears here; that's why no body wants to be alone, and that's why everyone avoids anything remotely dark. That is why the white wings and the browns wings up above shun the black wings, and left them down here! On land. So yes. That's the slum part of my city--so big and so corrupt it spans far across the massive, hilly chunk of land surrounded by water. Eh, basically its and island equip with beaches 'n palm trees along its naked coastlines.

OKAY. -deep breath- Through the center of that giant slum on the island is basically like... and open Bazaar. And IN THE CENTER of that large, open Bazaar is a beam of light that shoots down within a large machine that uses the light to power the slums! So the beam of light shoots up and up and up--so high through the seemingly perpetual overcast until it is consumed by another massive island overhead. That portion of the city is a whole 'nother story.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Sazby and Noah

(ADVENTURE #1 Daydreams I had recently, in class. Please note that the two characters speak Jamaican Patois. BUT! ...because I don't know the dialect exactly just bare with me as I "sound out" their accent. XD)

The hot island sun smiled down upon two of its natives on a small, palm tree infested cliff overlooking the shore. Darkening the already black skin of a small yet stout woman dressed in short bloomers and a loose, simple cotton shirt. At this day and age, as a black, she could not afford anything more than what she wore, but that was without care. What she did care for, however, was up.

"Whaddya t'ink it takes ta get in dat ship up dere, eh? Ah'd give anat'ing jus' ta... be up dere..." said Noah, squinting at the rays of the sun to get a good look at the various airships sprawled out in the colorful afternoon sky. His voice longing; a hint of desire in his otherwise raspy mumbles. He lies resting in the grass, propped up by his elbows in a simple pair of loose cotton leggings. Tall and lanky while, unlike his companion, his skin retained a much lighter shade of brown. He looked at Sazby who was standing and looking up, and ran his long fingers through his shoulder length dreadlocks in which varied in thickness.

Keeping her eyes on the sky, Sazby answered absently, "Ah donno, mon, but ah'm gonna find out som'day weh'da you're wit'd me 'r not..." Her words were true. Despite her undeniable love for Noah she was not going to lie to herself. Her love for the ships in the mysterious skies were so much more.

They liked to watch airships pollute the skies with bouts of steam every now and again. Their intricate designs and different sizes infested with the rich, the imperial militia, or just the occasional steam workers. They were magic up against the vast multitude of colors in the sky; the distant nebulae and multicolored yet hazy bands of light whisking around and about the skies day and night.

(More to come. :>)

Sunday, February 28, 2010


I've decided I'ma post a lot of my daydreams along side my art on here 'cause they'd make most excellent stories. yeeeaaaaaaaaah~

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


im a fail artist.

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It's cold, yo.